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Avensia is an IT company that implements and delivers e-commerce solutions and digital infrastructure for product information as well as strategic advice and business development to retailers in both B2B and B2C. Avensia offers digital solutions and products that connect physical and digital commerce to what is called omnichannel - seamless and unified trading experiences in all channels. Avensia is headquartered in Lund and is also represented around Europe and North America.

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IT service sector: Fast deceleration in figures in Q2 in Finland, better in other Nordic countries

Uncertainty in customer demand was realized more widely in Q2, but development was even more mixed than before. Companies with a high weight of tailored software development and the private sector suffered more in relative terms. Reported figures included mainly negative surprises, which was also seen in the form of change negotiations and profit warnings. We predict that the duality will continue in 2023, but the demand outlook will remain more subdued as a whole in 2023 in the private sector, while public sector demand is expected to remain at a good level.

Analyytikon kommentti06.09.2023 - Joni Grönqvist, Frans-Mikael Rostedt