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HC Andersen Capital on aikaisemmin saanut maksun yhtiöltä MT Højgaard Holding DigitalIR/Corporate Visibility -sopimuksesta. Tämä tarkoittaa, että sivulta voi löytyä maksettua materiaalia, jota ei ole päivitetty. Katso vastuuvapauslauseke.

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MT Højgaard Holding A/S engages in the construction and civil engineering industries through its five distinct business units, driving most of its revenues from the Danish market. The group conducts development, construction, and renovation projects for private and public customers, organizations, and housing associations. The group was originally founded in 1918 and is headquartered in Søborg and listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. The five business areas develop, plan and carry out, construction and infrastructure projects in the areas of new build, refurbishment, civil works and infrastructure in a range of large, medium-sized and small projects. The largest subsidiaries by revenue are MT Højgaard Danmark and Enemærke & Petersen. MT Højgaard Danmark is a major contractor for construction, civil works, and infrastructure in Denmark. Enemærke & Petersen is a nationwide contracting company and a market leader in strategic partnerships and the refurbishment of social housing. MT Højgaard International covers the group’s activities in selected markets, including Greenland, Portugal, the Maldives, and parts of Africa. Scandi Byg is a market leader in the field of sustainable, certified modular buildings in wood, and MT Højgaard Projektudvikling develops and realizes sustainable commercial and residential projects and constructs and operates buildings on a public-private partnership basis (PPP).

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Philip Coombes
Philip Coombes
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Rasmus Køjborg
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HCA Market Close 08.12.22 - Featuring Shape Robotics and MT Højgaard Holding

HCA Market Close 08.12.22 – Shape Robotics announced a large partner agreement and changes to its Board, while MT Højgaard Holding (MTHH) announced its CSO will move into the CFO as the current CFO is stepping down.

Analyytikon kommentti08.12.2022 - Philip Coombes
HCA Market Close 02.12.22: Featuring MT Højgaard Holding and DanCann Pharma

HCA Market Close 02.12.22 – MT Højgaard Holding announced it has been awarded a contract to construct a Novo Nordisk production facility, while DanCann Pharma announced it received the GMP certification at its production facility Biotech Pharm1.

Analyytikon kommentti02.12.2022 - Philip Coombes