Feeling like Goldilocks...

Typically, you get most attention on social media like financial twitter (or X) by publishing the most shocking graph of the weak economic situation and announcing in the same breath that the recession is just around the corner. It remains the responsibility of the viewer to decide how relevant the publication is as a predictor of the recession.

Article20.09.2023 by Marianne Palmu
Quota Bear Edition OMXH to 5,000 points

In this posts, let’s about a budding bull market, followed by annual bear comments. I've brought up so many encouraging comments about cheap Finnish stocks that it's time for a little variation.

Article19.09.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
Mini-WUWS: A cautionary tale of inflation's persistence

In this shorter-than-normal post, let's briefly discuss the latest inflation figures in the US. While the consensus in many economies seems to expect a rapid easing of inflation, the UK is a cautionary tale of its persistence.

Article15.09.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
What Sampo shareholders need to know about the demerger

The demerger process and listing of Mandatum on Nasdaq Helsinki continues as planned and the effective date of the demerger is set to be 1 October 2023. In this blog entry, we address the most common questions shareholders might ask regarding the demerger.

Article14.09.2023 by Sampo
Interest rates could still rise painfully more

In this post, we talk about how the economy of Germany, an important export partner for Finland, is showing further weakness. There is also a tentative slowdown in the global economic locomotive in the US, but so far it does not seem sufficient to slow inflation, let alone economic growth. Therefore, we will be talking about the possibility of interest rates going much higher. Central banks tend to go overboard in all directions. And this, of course, is a risk for equities.

Article12.09.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
Special Edition: Finnish economy returns to flatlining

In this special episode of What’s Up with Stonks, we will focus on the Finnish economy. The economy is going into a small recession and then continues on its familiar path of slow growth. The construction sector is in a slump, but there may be interesting things to pick up from the most hated sector of the stock market. In addition to the gloom, this post will also point out some bright spots in the Finnish economy. However, long-term economic growth requires decisive action from politicians, which is not necessarily something you can count on too much.

Article08.09.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
Round 1 of inflation has been won, but...

In this post, we discuss recent inflation and economic data from both the eurozone and the US. Eurozone banks look ridiculously cheap. It suggests that investors do not believe in the current level of interest rates, nor in the sustainability of the European economy. At the same time, inflation is receding in the US, but winning the first round does not mean that inflation cannot return to the stage. Interest rates may therefore remain higher for longer.

Article06.09.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
Bear market turns 2

Bear birthday party Nasdaq Helsinki has been in a bear market for almost two years. To mark this dubious anniversary, What’s Up with Stonks is hosting a bear birthday party. In this post, we talk about the bear market, what you can learn from it and what to do with stocks now.

Article31.08.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
Cash could come in handy soon

In this post, we talk about how interest rate hikes seem to be peaking in Europe for now. That would be pretty great news for homeowners. Then we move on to the US, the world's largest economy, where I have found more weakness. Cash could still be put to good use in falling stocks.

Article30.08.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
Climate change threatens to increase supply side shocks and accelerate inflation globally

Climate change is a global supply side shock, but it is still unclear where and when its effects will be felt. So, the shock is non-linear.

Article29.08.2023 by Marianne Palmu
Signs of fatigue in the world's economic locomotive

In this post, let's highlight some interesting graphs on the market. Then we look at the poor news from the eurozone. Finally, we turn to the US, where the decline in households' appetite for borrowing and the rise in payment problems may point to economic fatigue. If the world's economic locomotive coughs, the rest of the world will get the flu.

Article24.08.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
A quick word on dividends / China is slowing down, but not going into crisis

In this post, let’s briefly talk about dividends on Nasdaq Helsinki. Generous dividend yields contribute to the cheap valuation of the stock market. We will also look at the Chinese economy that’s been populating the headlines. It is slowing down, but China is unlikely to enter a crisis.

Article22.08.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
What has happened on the stock market?

In this post, let’s talk about what's been happening in the stock market while I was on vacation. This also helps me get back to the loop. Let's take a look at results, the bull market that skipped Finland and of course a little bit about interest rates. Finally, there are a few worrying comments about a new bubble in the US.

Article18.08.2023 by Verneri Pulkkinen
Bidenomics-fueled economic growth does not come for free

The economic policy of US President Joe Biden sheds light on the economic growth outlook for the coming years. However, growth is not risk-free, as shown, .e.g., by the decline in the country’s credit rating.

Article10.08.2023 by Marianne Palmu
Mistakes investors make, part 2

Good investors also learn from the mistakes of other investors, as otherwise this hobby can be costly in the long run.

Article12.07.2023 by Kaisa Vanha-Perttula
Return on capital (ROE, ROI, ROIC, RONIC)

Creating shareholder value is vital to any listed company’s existence. Shareholder value creation is therefore one of the most important tasks of a listed company.

Article07.07.2023 by Kaisa Vanha-Perttula, Miika Purola
Mistakes investors make, part 1

Mistakes are part of investing and everyone, including professionals, make them. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes.

Article05.07.2023 by Kaisa Vanha-Perttula
The underpriced climate risks?

Economic impacts of climate change have been modelled in many ways, though uncertainties related to outcomes remain high. It is also estimated that climate risks are underpriced in capital markets.

Article30.06.2023 by Karoliina Loikkanen
Determining the expected return for the share

Equity and equity investments are the last in the order of liability under the Companies Act, i.e., the share is always a risky investment. Equity investors naturally want a return for bearing the risk.

Article21.06.2023 by Antti Viljakainen
Serving the machine? AI in the economy

When looking at the economic impact, consensus has been reached primarily on the fact that, in one way or another, AI improves productivity, that fundamental pillar of long-term economic growth.

Article12.06.2023 by Marianne Palmu