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Hansa Biopharma is a Swedish biotech company with the lead product imlifidase, which is an antibody-cleaving enzyme being developed to enable kidney transplantation in highly sensitized patients. The enzyme may be further developed for use in other types of transplantation, in autoimmune diseases, gene therapy and oncology. So far Idefirix (imlifidase) has been conditionally approved in the EU for highly sensitized kidney transplant patients. Currently, Hansa is conducting a pivotal randomized contro trial in kidney transplantation in the United States and is expecting to commence a pivotal study across the U.S. and EU in the rare autoimmune disease anti-GBM during 2022. Additionally, Hansa’s research and development program is advancing the enzyme technology to develop the next generation of IgG-cleaving enzymes with potentially lower immunogenicity, suitable for repeat dosing in relapsing autoimmune diseases and oncology.

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Life Science Seminar – Wrap up from our event last week – Thursday the 31st. of August.

Life Science Seminar – Wrap up from our event last week – Thursday the 31st. of August.

Analyst Comment05.09.2023 by Henrik Ekman, Claus Thestrup
Interview with Head of IR Klaus Sindahl

Interview with Head of IR Klaus Sindahl

Analyst Comment26.07.2023 by Claus Thestrup
Hansa Biopharma – Presentation of Half-Year Report 2023

Meet and ask questions to Head of IR Klaus Sindahl from Hansa Biopharma Thursday the 20th of July at 11 AM CEST when he presents the Half-Year report and the latest development in the pipeline.

Hansa Biopharma DMD partner Sarepta wins FDA approval for Elevidys

Hansa Biopharma DMD partner Sarepta wins FDA approval Elevidys

Analyst Comment26.06.2023 by Claus Thestrup, Henrik Ekman
Event update - Hansa Biopharma

We hosted a Deep Dive Event yesterday with Elisabeth Sonesson - Global Franchise Lead Autoimmune Diseases. Learn more about this interesting rare disease company.

Analyst Comment31.05.2023 by Claus Thestrup