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OrderYOYO is a Danish Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provides takeaway restaurants with all the necessary software to serve their customers, including online ordering, payment, marketing and business management solutions. The software enables restaurants, primarily within takeaway, to have their own-branded online presence direct to consumers instead of via food portals. In 2022, OrderYOYO merged with German app smart. Going forward, Germany is an important growth market for OrderYOYO. OrderYOYO has a usage-based business model implying that the company grows with its restaurant partners. The company has been listed at Nasdaq First North in Denmark since July 2021.

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OrderYOYO – Presentation of Q3 2023 trading update

OrderYOYO will release its Q3 2023 trading update on 18 October 2023. The company’s management will present the results in a virtual live event with a Q&A session on 19 October at 10:00. Here you can get an update on the recent business development as well as insights about the current market conditions.

HCA SaaS Update August: Mixed growth picture, but improved profitability in the H1 earnings season

In this month’s SaaS newsletter, we cover the Danish SaaS Q2/H1 earnings season combined with global perspectives from the US SaaS earnings season and news from the IPO market. As always, we also update on the Danish and US median ARR multiple across the sector.

Analyst Comment13.09.2023 by Kasper Lihn
OrderYOYO – Presentation of half-year report H1 2023

Today, we hosted an event with CEO Jesper Johansen, CFO Jesper Hyveled, and Deputy CEO Matthias Thom. Besides the focus on what drives growth momentum in challenging markets, the management also looked into profitability and margins, and how that could look in a long-term perspective.

Webcast24.08.2023 by Michael Friis
OrderYOYO A/S: Grant of warrants

Regulatory press release18.08.2023
HCA SaaS Update July: Reports from US cloud giants show signs of growth bottoming out

Our monthly HCA SaaS newsletter, covering the recent development in the Danish SaaS sector during July, has just been sent out. Besides an update on the Danish median ARR multiple across the sector, we also cover recent Q2 reports from the US cloud giants and look into growth rates in the Danish SaaS sector ahead of the Q2 reporting season.

Analyst Comment08.08.2023 by Kasper Lihn
HCA SaaS Update June: Takeover offer and first H1 trading updates from the Danish SaaS sector

Our monthly HCA SaaS newsletter, covering the recent development in the Danish SaaS sector, has just been sent out. Besides an update on the Danish median ARR multiple across the sector, we also cover a new takeover offer as well as some of the first H1 2023 trading updates.

Analyst Comment26.07.2023 by Kasper Lihn
OrderYOYO - Presentation of Q2 2023 Trading Update

Yesterday, OrderYOYO announced its Q2 2023 trading update and raised its guidance for 2023. OrderYOYO’s June ARR (annualized June MRR) was DKK 246m, corresponding to a growth rate of 47% compared to the June 2022 consolidated proforma ARR. Looking at profitability, OrderYOYO has also improved its EBITDA before other extraordinary items significantly to DKK 9.0m in H1 2023 (all months in H1 2023 with positive EBITDA before other extraordinary items) compared to an EBITDA before other extraordinary items of DKK -6m in H1 2022.  

Video19.07.2023 by Kasper Lihn
Dagens aktienyheder 06/07-2023

Dagens aktienyheder 6. juli - 2023

Analyst Comment06.07.2023 by Claus Thestrup
OrderYOYO A/S: Grant of warrants

Regulatory press release21.06.2023
OrderYOYO (One-pager): Consolidation strategy continues - new acquisition brings the number of restaurant partners above 10,000

In Q1 2023 OrderYOYO announced strong performance, an acquisition of a UK and Irish online ordering company, and a guidance raise for 2023 on all parameters. Despite challenging market conditions, OrderYOYO grew ARR by 39% YoY and revenue by 29% YoY in Q1 2023, thus continuing its momentum from H2 2022.

Research24.05.2023 by Kasper Lihn
Software-as-a-Service sector report - May 2023: Have headwinds peaked?

From a valuation perspective, the sector has been hit by a higher interest rate environment, which potentially could have peaked. At the same time, we have seen a lower growth rate in Q1 2023 from the listed global SaaS companies, which is now closer to Gartner's projected 2023 SaaS global market growth.

Research24.05.2023 by Kasper Lihn
OrderYOYO A/S: Grant of warrants

Regulatory press release24.05.2023
HCA SaaS Update – April 2023: Takeover and delistings in focus

Our third monthly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) newsletter is out! In our newsletter, we shed light on the recent market development and the current trend of companies being taken off the stock market (takeover and delistings).

Analyst Comment10.05.2023 by Kasper Lihn