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Photocat is a Danish Greentech company that develops and manufactures clear photocatalytic surface treatments. The solution degrades the harmful air pollution (NOx & VOCs) in cities and indoor environments, using light as the only energy source. The solution can be incorporated in buildings and roads materials or sold as an aftermarket solution. Photocat applies its technology in four different segments. These are NOxOFF, Photocat Garden, actiFLOOR, and ShineOn. Photocat has partners and customers across Europe, primarily in countries such as Denmark, Belgium, and Spain, and Photocat also has a footprint in North America. The company has been listed at Nasdaq First North in Sweden since 2015.

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Michael Friis
Michael Friis
Head of Equities
Kasper Lihn
Kasper Lihn
Head of Research, Growth

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Photocat – Presentation of H1 2023 results

This week, Photocat released its H1 2023 results, which showed strong growth momentum with a growth rate of 38% YoY and at the same time being profitable on the EBITDA level. Despite challenging market conditions in the construction industry, Photocat maintained its full-year 2023 guidance.

Webcast25.08.2023 by Michael Friis
Photocat releases Half Year Report for 2023

Regulatory press release23.08.2023
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Regulatory press release24.05.2023
Renewal of warrant program to key persons

Regulatory press release05.01.2023
HCA Market Close: 22/12/22: Featuring Skjern Bank and Photocat

HCA Market Close 22.12.22 – Skjern Bank narrows its guidance range towards the top end, while Photcat announces its first order in the UAE.

Analyst Comment22.12.2022 by Philip Coombes
HCA Market Close 12..12.22 Featuring Photocat and Flugger

HCA Market Close 12.12.22 – Photocat announces its first order in the middle east with a contract in Dubai, while Flugger reports its H1 earnings.

Analyst Comment12.12.2022 by Philip Coombes