Pharma Equity Group - (One Pager): Initiation of the company


Learn more about PEG (Pharma Equity Group) and its first investment Reponex.

The investment case is driven by PEG’s ability to successfully implement and follow a twofold strategy: firstly, to create value by traditional medical development of the pipeline of projects for the individual indications in Reponex. Secondly, to create value via its unique repositioning and reformulation strategy, where already established medical formulas are being used to find new indications, new ways of delivery mechanism, or new combinations with other established products. The idea is to utilize already available data regarding efficacy, toxicity and safety, saving both time and money to bring products to market.


HC Andersen Capital receives payment from Pharma Equity Group for a Digital IR/Corporate Visibility subscription agreement. /ANALYST Claus Thestrup  10:25 PM 05-30-2023.