Alcadon Group AB: Invitation to Alcadon Group's Capital Markets Day 29 September 2022


The day will include a presentation of Alcadon's business model and strategy, product offering, our different markets, financial position and Vision 2025, as well as updated financial targets. 

Speakers during the day will be President and CEO, Sonny Mirborn, CFO, Niklas Svensson, SVP Central Europe, Susanne Stengade, CEO Alcadon Norway, Einar Feragen, SVP UK, Duncan Lindsay, CEO Networks Centre UK, James Reid, COO Alcadon Sweden, Magnus Larsson, Business Development Manager Central Europe, Finn Jepsen, Chief Product Officer, Max Lundsten and Sales Director Germany and Belgium, Sjouke Kooistra.

At the end of the event, several speakers from Alcadon will be available for questions from participants.

Registration is done via the link,

Stockholm, September 6, 2022