ChemoTech: TSE treatment of two dogs at FloridaWild veterinary hospital shows promising results


During the evaluation of vetIQure™ at FloridaWild, several treatments were carried out on dogs. After this evaluation was completed, the first results were reported back from Dr. Pamela Schrager who led the evaluation. According to Dr. Schrager, the results seen so far from the treatments have been very promising.

In one case, it is reported that a dog "Muchacho" suffering from osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, in the jaw (palate) showed complete remission with no signs of the tumour after two treatments. The dog will be followed up monthly to ensure that the tumour does not return or metastasize, which is currently not the case, according to Dr Schrager.

"After two treatments with TSE, there is no gross evidence of the osteosarcoma in his jaw. My hospital staff and the owner were excited about the success of this treatment and the potential for it to help so many more patients. I was also particularly excited by the fact that there was such beautiful sparing of the normal tissue. The jaw had healed nicely in the place where the tumor was, with no wound care or intervention required to achieve that", commented Dr Schrager on the results.

The pet owner, of the above-mentioned dog, also gave very positive feedback:

"As a grateful pet mom, I feel fortunate to have been at the right place at the righttime to allow Muchacho accessto this therapy. He has had such positive results and is now living his best life! My heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in this process. It has given me more hope and more time with my baby. I hope that more pet owners can be blessed by the benefits of this technology."

In another case, it is reported that a dog "Bella" with a nerve sheath tumour in the paw responded very well to the TSE treatment resulting in a greatly reduced tumour. In this case, four treatments have been carried out, after which the dog runs and plays unhindered. Another treatment will be performed shortly.

"Her fourth TSE treatment for nerve sheath tumor in her left front foot yielded a much greater impact on tumor size. She had significant swelling of the foot after this treatment, but then has steadily improved for the 6 weeks after treatment with clear reduction in tumor size", says Dr. Schrager.

Commenting on the results, Scandinavian ChemoTech's CEO, Mohan Frick, says:

"It is very gratifying to see such great results already in the early treatments at FloridaWild. The results indicate that there are curative effects of using TSE on cancer tumours, which is very promising for our continued work. However, it is too early to say whether these dogs have actually fully recovered, but it demonstrates the good effect that we previously also saw on horses."

Pictures of the treated dogs will be published on the Instagram page tse.veterinary ( within short.