Flowscape Technology: Flowscape wins deal for hybrid office solution


"Once again, we are winning business thanks to the fact that we can deliver a complete solution with both software and hardware, regardless of what IT environment or requirements the customer has. This customer already uses Flowscape's solution for booking workplaces and now wanted to expand with room booking panels, room booking and smart sensors. We are pleased that, according to our customers, we have the market's most user-friendly and effective solution for the hybrid office", says Anders Malmström, Head of Sales and Marketing at Flowscape.

Read more on our website (https://flowscapesolutions.com/news).

The installation includes Flowscape's solutions for room panels (https://flowscapesolutions.com/products/panels), room booking (https://flowscapesolutions.com/solutions/room-booking), and sensors (https://flowscapesolutions.com/products/sensors) for the workplace and statistics portal (https://flowscapesolutions.com/solutions/workplace-analytics).

This press release is a free translation of the Swedish version.