Handelsbanken Business Bank of the Year and Sweden's Small Enterprise Bank 2022


Finansbarometern is one of Sweden's largest independent market surveys, focusing on how companies view their banking relationships. This year, responses were received from close to 1,400 companies. Customer's rated their banks across several categories including overall satisfaction, price, digital services, advisory services, their product and service offering, and customer service.

"The difference becomes even more apparent the smaller the company is. The smallest companies love Handelsbanken the most," says Kristian Sundberg, CEO of Eastbrook, the organiser of the annual survey.

Kristian Sundberg highlights Handelsbanken's smooth management of its digital transition, while still being able to maintain personal relationships with its corporate customers:
"It's extremely important to continue showing that care and attention to small companies. When the future is shrouded in uncertainty, you have to be able to listen and understand how to help your customers to withstand the challenges many of them will be facing," says Kristian Sundberg.

Susanna Svartz sees it as inspirational to be able to support customers and work closely with them to find new solutions that simplify their everyday operations.

"It's truly a pleasure to be alongside our customers on their journeys, and it's this that motivates us to continue improving and developing our offering. We would like to take this opportunity to again express our gratitude to our corporate customers for their trust," says Susanna Svartz.

Read more about the Finansbarometern winners for 2022 (https://www.eastbrooklab.se/utmarkelser-2022/).
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