Instalco has entered into a new credit agreement totalling SEK 3.4 billion to support future acquisitions


The term of the financing arrangements are 2 years, with the option of extending to a maximum of four years.

"Gaining access to this extended credit facility significantly strengthens our ability to continue acquiring top companies, in line with Instalco's growth strategy. It is also advantageous that we will now be collaborating with three major banks," says Christina Kassberg, CFO for Instalco.

The intention is for the credit facility to have a sustainability link based on Instalco's sustainability programme, Sustainable Installations and the classification system, Sustainable Instalco Project.

For further information

Fredrik Trahn, Head of IR & Communications, phone +4670913 67 96, e-mail [email protected]

Instalco is one of the leading installation companies in the Nordic region, active in the areas of heating, plumbing, electricity, cooling, technical consulting and industrial solutions. We offer project planning, design, installation, service and maintenance of systems installed at properties and facilities throughout Sweden, Norway and Finland. The operations are conducted through approximately 120 leading and highly specialised local companies, with the support of a small central organisation. Instalco is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker INSTAL. For further information, visit