ITAB Shop Concept: Substantial energy savings and lowered CO2 emissions with lighting solutions from ITAB


In close co-operation with a leading European grocery chain, the ITAB Group has managed to reduce the chain's energy consumption for lighting substantially in 2021. The chain retrofitted 30 stores with modern LED lighting solutions from ITAB during the year, which will save 3,3 million kWh in lower energy consumption each year, equivalent to approximately 840 tons of lowered CO2 emission. This equals the CO2 emissions from some 180 gasoline-powered passenger cars during one year.

"One of our specialities is to help retailers save operational cost and minimize the footprint of their operations. Since lighting consumes around 15 percent of all energy produced globally and accounts for 5 percent of all Greenhouse Gas emissions, this is in focus for all of our customers", says Andréas Elgaard, President & CEO of ITAB Group.

"We have succeeded to improve our LED spotlights significantly during the past 5 years with substantially lower energy consumption, for the benefit of our customers. For example, last year we retrofitted 350 stores for one of our customers in Europe with modern track lights, which saves 33 million kWh and reduces CO2 emission with over 8,300 tons per year for that customer alone. Together we make a difference", concludes Andréas Elgaard.

Jönköping, 20 September 2022

ITAB Shop Concept AB (publ)

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