Omnicar: OmniCar Secures 10M SEK Loan Facility


Chairman of the board, Claus T. Hansen added, "We have seen great interest recently from investors both in the Nordics, as well as the United States, and are appreciative of our new financing partners. OmniCar has made investments during the first half of 2022 which has established a foundation for significant growth in the future. This new loan facility, in addition to our recent direct issue, enables us to now proceed forward on our planned expansion goals without the need for additional capital injections during 2022."

About OmniCar Holding AB

OmniCar Holding AB creates technology solutions that empower the auto industry. The company launched OmniCarService in 2020, Denmark's first mobile car service platform. As part of this service, the company has developed an industry leading IT system which offers a real time price generator, CRM system, a geo-planning tool, and an integrated parts ordering system. OmniCarSales was also launched in 2022 as an online marketplace in Denmark offering consumers a simple and easy platform to purchase electric vehicles.

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Chairman of the Board
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