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Audientes A/S is a Danish hearing health company specializing in smart, self-fitting and affordable hearing aids and advanced hearables. Audientes’ unique hearing aid solution, Ven™ by Audientes, is available for purchase in the Indian market, online and in retail, and will be introduced to the USA over-the-counter market and other markets in the coming years. Companion by Audientes is an advanced hearable consumer electronics product that is commercially available in Europe and later in 2023 in USA, Japan and other markets. Audientes’ mission is to develop hearing aids and hearables for hearing improvement or enhancement for everyone who needs them globally. Audientes is listed on Spotlight Stock Market Denmark (AUDNTS) and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with an affiliate in Hyderabad, India. Audientes is listed on Spotlight Stock Market Denmark (AUDNTS) and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with a subsidiary in Hyderabad, India. For additional information please refer to the company’s websites, or

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Dagens Aktienyheder 02/10

Den tyske investeringsbank Berenberg sænker sit kursmål på Tryg. Green Hydrogen Systems har her til morgen annonceret udnævnelsen af Peter Friis som midlertidig CEO. AUDIENTES har nu fået en endelig aftale på plads omkring deres bridge lån. Curasight One-pager. BoMill: Wrap up from interview with CEO Andreas Jeppsson. I aktier med Friis så vi tilbage på en uge, hvor aktiemarkedet trods fortsat pres fra stigende USD, olie og renter prøvede at stabilisere sig.

Analyytikon kommentti02.10.2023
Audientes – Presentation of Q2 results 2023

Audientes released its Q2/H1 2023 results earlier this week. After a strategy shift on how to go to markets earlier this year, the quarter showed sales of DKK 1m., and a lower loss on EBITDA due to cost reductions carried out.

Webcast24.08.2023 - Michael Friis
Audientes – Presentation of FY 2022 published report

Audientes is expected to publish its full-year 2022 report on 13 June 2023. Later the same day at 15:00, CEO Steen Thygesen will present the report and the recent news on a virtual live event followed by a Q&A session.

Audientes – Presentation of Q1 2023

Audientes is expected to release its Q1 2023 results on 30 May 2023. 31 May at 12:00, Audientes’ CEO Steen Thygesen will present the results and answer questions from the audience in a virtual live event.