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Curasight is a Danish biotech company focusing on developing and improving the detection and treatment of cancer in a more gentle and efficient way. The company has two pipeline products that both use radionuclide (nuclear medicine) to facilitate better diagnosis and treatment of various cancer types; uTRACE use the so-called uPAR as a biomarker to diagnose the aggressiveness of cancer, and uTREAT use the uPAR as a attachment to treat the cancer. Based on good phase 2 data that has already been collected or will be in the first half of 2022, Curasight is expected to prepare phase 3 for uTRACE later in 2022 and 2023 for the following four cancer types: prostate, brain, neuroendocrine, and head and neck cancer.

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Dagens aktienyheder 03/07-2023

Dagens aktienyheder 3. Juli 2023

Analyytikon kommentti03.07.2023 - Claus Thestrup
Fast comment - Curasight announcement

Curasight enters into partnership with Curium for uTrace in prostate cancer.

Analyytikon kommentti02.05.2023 - Henrik Ekman, Claus Thestrup