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Scandinavian Medical Solutions is a Danish-based trading company specialized in purchase and resale of used diagnostic imaging equipment such as CT scanners and MR scanners of high quality. Scandinavian Medical Solutions is specialized in offering flexible solutions for customers with specific demands, which is often a better and cheaper alternative to a new and more expensive produced OEM-equipment. Scandinavian Medical Solutions was founded in 2018, and the company has been listed at Nasdaq First North in Denmark since November 2021.

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Scandinavian Medical Solutions (One-pager): Continues impressive growth and upgrades guidance for the fourth time in 2022/2023

Following Scandinavian Medical Solutions' guidance upgrade for the fourth time in the accounting period 2022/2023, we have updated the investment case one-pager.

Inderes analyysi20.09.2023 - Kasper Lihn
Dagens aktienyheder 04/07-2023

Dagens aktienyheder 4. Juli 2023

Analyytikon kommentti04.07.2023 - Claus Thestrup
Scandinavian Medical Solutions: Salg af MRI-scanner til amerikansk kunde

Scandinavian Medical Solutions lukkede ugen af med en annoncering af et større salg af en MRI-scanner til en amerikansk kunde og samarbejdspartner. Levering og risikoovergang er sket i denne uge.

Analyytikon kommentti03.02.2023 - Kasper Lihn
HCA Market Close: 15/12-2022: Featuring Scandinavian Medical Solutions

HCA Market Close 15.12.22 – Scandinavian Medical Solutions (SMS), announced a strategically significant new order.

Analyytikon kommentti15.12.2022 - Philip Coombes
HCA Market Close 05.12.22: Featuring NORDEN, Hafnia, and Scandinavian Medical Solutions

HCA Market Close 05.12.22 – NORDEN and Hafnia gained as EU sanctions on Russia came into full effect, and Scandinavian Medical Solutions announce a new order.

Analyytikon kommentti05.12.2022 - Philip Coombes
HCA Market Close 30.11.22: featuring Scandinavian Medical Solutions

HCA Market Close 30.11.22 – Scandinavian Medical Solutions announced the sale of a Siemens Skyra 3T MRI scanner for an American customer.

Analyytikon kommentti30.11.2022 - Philip Coombes
HCA Market Close 25.11.22: Featuring Scandinavian Medical Solutions (SMS)

HCA Market Close 25.11.22 – Scandinavian Medical Solutions announced a new significant deal.  

Analyytikon kommentti25.11.2022 - Philip Coombes
HCA Market Close: 23.11.22

HCA Market Close 23.11.22 – Scandinavian Medical Solutions gains on insider purchases, while Penneo announced its Q3 22 earnings, declining on slower growth.

Analyytikon kommentti23.11.2022 - Philip Coombes
HCA Market Close 21.11.22

HCA Market Close 21.11.22 – Scandinavian Medical Solutions gains following its 2021/22 annual report, while Hafnia gains following its Q3 22 earnings.

Analyytikon kommentti21.11.2022 - Philip Coombes
HCA Market Close 01.11.22: featuring Tryg, Scandinavian Medical Solutions, and Green Hydrogen Systems

HCA Market Close 01.11.22 – Scandinavian Medical Solutions (SMS) upgraded its guidance today, while Tryg and Green Hydrogen Systems host Q3 events with HC Andersen Capital tomorrow. European markets gain while US markets fall. driven by rumours of China reopening and an unexpected rebound in US job openings.

Analyytikon kommentti01.11.2022 - Philip Coombes