About us


Inderes’ mission is to connect listed companies and investors. Our customer base comprises over 400 listed companies that want to serve their current and potential shareholders by providing better investor communications. Our investor community consists of over 70,000 active members interested in investing in stocks.

Our social objective is to democratize information in the financial markets, so that in regard to information everyone has an equal opportunity to invest and save for their own future.

To meet the needs of listed companies, we create solutions which are used for efficient investor relations, reaching the right target groups. The majority of our revenue comes from listed companies. Our main product areas are Commissioned Research, Virtual Event Solutions (Flik), Technology and IR Solutions.

We serve our investor community by offering services that help in becoming a better investor, enabling investor-to-investor networking, and sharing up-to-date information that helps to make more informed investment decisions. Our objective is to keep the services for our investor community free of charge or behind a low-cost threshold.

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HC Andersen Capital

HCA's mission is to digitalize and democratize the financial markets. Through digital live events, commissioned research, ESG advisory, IR advisory, digital Annual General Meetings, and extended use of Social Media, we reach existing and possible new investors and engage them in a new way.

We aim at providing Investor Relations as a service - IRaaS. Our clients comprise a wide range of Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian companies that wants to use new means to engage investors.

Our social objective is to democratize information in the financial markets so everyone has equal access to information thereby equal opportunity to invest and save for their own future.

Through the use of Social Media we want to offer free and to-the-point communication that will help investors make the right investment choice and to reduce the gap between listed companies and the investors. We do that by using Social Media extensively as the main communication channel, realizing that traditional media use has changed.

We have a strategic alliance with Inderes to ensure that content is shared across borders and to maximize the listed companies’ presence across Scandinavia. Our shared mission is to democratize information in the financial markets and bridge the gap between listed companies and investors.

HC Andersen Capital explores new ways to organize a financial services company. Promotion of young people early, interaction with Young investors through a Youth Board, work-from-home up to 5 days a week, and an open attitude to collaborations. The basic idea is that financial services innovation will come from a mix of experience and a new and digital mindset.

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