Inderes portfolio

Inderes Portfolio is a real money equity portfolio that invests in Finnish equities. The Model Portfolio was launched back in 2011 with 50 000 euros. It uses Inderes equity research as a basis for investing decisions and is our proof that deep analysis and stock picking can really yield results.

Portfolio return

1 month-5%
1 year-1%
3 years1%
Average price
Acquisition price
Last price
Gain, %
Gain, EUR
Market value, EUR
Share, %
Harvia1,36022.2 EUR30,192 EUR24.34 EUR9.6 %2,910.433,102.49.4 %
Kamux4,8206.93 EUR33,403 EUR5.645 EUR-18.5 %-6,194.127,208.97.7 %
Remedy Entertainment1,2709.57 EUR12,154 EUR20.35 EUR112.6 %13,690.525,844.57.3 %
Qt Group48031.4 EUR15,072 EUR52.1 EUR65.9 %9,93625,0087.1 %
Talenom4,3001.9 EUR8,170 EUR5.34 EUR181.1 %14,79222,9626.5 %
Admicom66039.45 EUR26,037 EUR34.55 EUR-12.4 %-3,23422,8036.5 %
Tietoevry1,00027.87 EUR27,870 EUR21.02 EUR-24.6 %-6,85021,0206 %
Fortum1,75012.66 EUR22,155 EUR11.875 EUR-6.2 %-1,373.7520,781.255.9 %
CapMan8,0001.88 EUR15,040 EUR2.405 EUR27.9 %4,20019,2405.4 %
NoHo Partners2,3004.92 EUR11,316 EUR8.06 EUR63.8 %7,22218,5385.2 %
KH Group20,0001.01 EUR20,200 EUR0.858 EUR-15 %-3,04017,1604.9 %
Valmet78023.49 EUR18,322 EUR21.99 EUR-6.4 %-1,169.817,152.24.9 %
Revenio Group7201.2 EUR864 EUR20.92 EUR1,643.3 %14,198.415,062.44.3 %
Duell8,1002 EUR16,200 EUR0.74 EUR-63 %-10,2065,9941.7 %
Market value, EUR291,877 EUR82.6 %
Cash61,331 EUR17.4 %
Total value256,995 EUR353,208 EUR100.0 %

Portfolio transactions

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