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Agillic is a Danish Software as a Service (SaaS) company within marketing technology (MarTech), headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Agillic’s omnichannel marketing automation platform empowers brands to work with data-driven insights and content to create, automate and send personalised communication to millions. Proven business cases are found in retail, finance, travel & hospitality, energy & utility, technology & software, entertainment & gaming, media & publishing, charity & NGO, and in subscription businesses across all industries.

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Agillic – Presentation of financial results for Q3 2023

Agillic expects to report its Q3 results 2023 on 12 October 2023. The same day at 11:00, Agillic’s CEO Emre Gürsoy and CFO Claus Boysen will present the financial results, SaaS metrics, and an update on the recent business highlights in a virtual live event. The management presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

HCA SaaS Update August: Mixed growth picture, but improved profitability in the H1 earnings season

In this month’s SaaS newsletter, we cover the Danish SaaS Q2/H1 earnings season combined with global perspectives from the US SaaS earnings season and news from the IPO market. As always, we also update on the Danish and US median ARR multiple across the sector.

Analyst Comment13.09.2023 by Kasper Lihn
Agillic (One-pager): Profitability focus in evolving market conditions

Today, we have updated our investment case one-pager on Agillic following last week's H1 2023 report and updated guidance for 2023.

Research28.08.2023 by Kasper Lihn
Agillic – Presentation of Q2 results and H1 report 2023

This Thursday, Agillic released its Q2/H1 2023 results which showed a revenue growth and ARR growth of approx. 10% and 3%, respectively. Longer sales cycles and a decline in ARR transactions resulted in a downgrade in its revenue and ARR guidance for 2023. EBITDA guidance remained unchanged.

Agillic: Adjusts top-line guidance downwards and maintains EBITDA guidance

Today, Agillic has released its H1 2023 report following yesterday’s adjustment of its 2023 guidance. With longer sales cycles due to cautious buying behavior and a decline in ARR transactions, Agillic downgrades its top-line guidance for 2023 (ARR and revenue). EBITDA guidance remains unchanged.

Analyst Comment24.08.2023 by Kasper Lihn
HCA SaaS Update July: Reports from US cloud giants show signs of growth bottoming out

Our monthly HCA SaaS newsletter, covering the recent development in the Danish SaaS sector during July, has just been sent out. Besides an update on the Danish median ARR multiple across the sector, we also cover recent Q2 reports from the US cloud giants and look into growth rates in the Danish SaaS sector ahead of the Q2 reporting season.

Analyst Comment08.08.2023 by Kasper Lihn
HCA SaaS Update June: Takeover offer and first H1 trading updates from the Danish SaaS sector

Our monthly HCA SaaS newsletter, covering the recent development in the Danish SaaS sector, has just been sent out. Besides an update on the Danish median ARR multiple across the sector, we also cover a new takeover offer as well as some of the first H1 2023 trading updates.

Analyst Comment26.07.2023 by Kasper Lihn
Dagens aktienyheder 06/07-2023

Dagens aktienyheder 6. juli - 2023

Analyst Comment06.07.2023 by Claus Thestrup
SaaS Seminar 2023

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